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Men’s G1 Bomber Jackets

The G1 bomber jacket for men and women was first created as a military requirement during World War II and has since become a staple in leather jacket fashion. Although there are other military-inspired winter jackets on the market, such as the b3 bomber jacket, none achieve the G1 bomber’s superior combination of cold protection and stylish style. It is the perfect choice for regions with reasonably mild winters or cold transitional seasons like early spring and late fall because it features the recognizable furry collar featured on B3 bombers and the body-fit silhouette of an a2 leather flight jacket. However, this jacket’s outstanding design, which will keep you fashionable in various settings and looks, is its best feature. Its straight-cut shape, a la the ma1 bomber jacket, makes it suitable for a wide range of avant-garde ensembles, while the fur on the color keeps it appropriate for more conventional military-inspired looks. Let’s look more closely at how to wear this jacket.

G1 Bomber Jackets Made to Order for Men and Women

The most popular designs from our existing collection of G1 bomber jackets for men and women are already present. However, if you’d want something unique or customized, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to make it.

Stylish Men’s G1 Bomber Jackets

With a few exceptions, the simplest method to style a G1 bomber jacket is to layer it over any outfit that works with standard men’s leather jackets. Hoodies and hooded sweatshirts are one notable exception since the hood will obstruct the wide collar. The objective of wearing a hood under a jacket in the first place will be utterly defeated if you choose to wear a hoodie with the hood inside the jacket. Here are several ensembles that look well with these leather bomber jackets. You can use the pretty famous design of G1 bomber jackets to your advantage for a look that requires little work but yields significant results. Here, it’s essential to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible in order to draw all attention to the jacket. Going with an all-black outfit with little to no detail is the more practical choice in this situation. A black V-neck, skinny black jeans and high-top sneakers are ideal for this position. Wearing the men’s faux fur jacket over all-white makes it stand out more. Most eyes will still be drawn to the black coats, but your entire look will stand out thanks to the white clothing. Here, you should wear a white button-up, white straight-leg trousers, and white low-tops. Wear a dark brown men’s sheepskin coat with a black fur collar over a dark henley shirt (preferably navy blue or charcoal), a pair of black trousers, and a pair of black leather boots if you want to look a little more “regular” and coherent.

Styling Women’s G1 Bomber Jackets

Women’s G1 leather bomber jackets provide a wealth of opportunities for slightly eccentric and innovative looks with an artsy edge. The central concept behind this operation is to contrast charming, colorful clothing with vintage-looking military-type women’s leather coats. As an illustration, begin the ensemble with a pair of bright blue bell-bottom jeans and finish it off with a yellow crop top decorated with a red floral pattern. Wear distressed brown G1 shearling jackets for women to complete the style, and wear white flowery high-top sneakers to complete the look. To accentuate the contrast, you may also replace the jeans with an A-line skirt and the crop top with a flared tube top.