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Wool Coats and Jackets for Men

The ideal way to style a wool coat is to use it as a leather duster for men and emphasize the dapper gentleman look. A khaki wool coat is worn over a light blue button-up, and a navy wool sweater perfectly illustrates this look. The most acceptable option for pants is a pair of black or dark grey jeans, with charcoal chinos coming in second. You can further muffle this ensemble by switching the khaki coat for a light grey version and the blue sweater with a simple black one. Although white will stand out more in this particular outfit, the shirt can remain light blue. Finally, the best footwear for this situation is shining leather shoes. While contemporary sneakers can be worn with jeans, they might seem slightly out of place. Even though they are not required to complete the appearance, a trilby hat, grey scarf, and a black leather belt are excellent complements. Let’s return to modern fashion and combine the traditional with the contemporary. A navy blue double-breasted wool coat with a fur collar, akin to men’s shearling coats, is the suitable outer layer for this ensemble and the best way to comprehend this fashion is with an example. You could appear in a men’s fashion magazine wearing this coat with a maroon hooded sweatshirt, light blue ripped jeans and white low-top sneakers. A black wool jacket is worn over a white button-up and a cream V-neck sweater in a different ensemble. Add tight-fitting black pants and black high-top sneakers to complete the look. Even to work, you can look sharp in a grey wool coat by wearing it over a white shirt, a black vest, and a black-tie.

Men’s Wool Coats & Jackets

One of the pillars of men’s fashion is the leather jacket, but wool coats are equally fashionable and manly, so leather jackets are not the only option. The feeling between the two is the main distinction. The hulking action movie heroes wear leather jackets that exude a rough macho air they wonderfully capture. The association between men’s sheepskin coats in bomber or aviator patterns and daring fighter pilots only reinforces the idea that they are badasses. On the other hand, men’s wool coats and jackets give you a dapper, sophisticated, and all-around gentlemanly appearance. It’s no accident that every brilliant detective in popular culture wears a long wool trench coat.

Additionally, wool coats are the ideal barrier against the brisk winds of early winter, which are still too mild for men’s leather trench coats. In transitional seasons like early fall and late spring, wool coats are a great alternative to winter jackets for men. Wool is excellent for any season, except for the sweltering midsummer days, thanks to its active ability to regulate body temperature. You’ll adore wool coats and jackets if you already adore the style and warmth of long leather coats. To get started, check out a few fabulous wool coat and jacket combos below.

Men’s Wool Coats & Jackets Made to Order

Our broad range is perfect for you if you’re looking for men’s wool coats and jackets that offer outstanding elegance without sacrificing quality. However, this is not all. Additionally, we provide tailored coats and jackets that allow you to specify the fabrics, colors, finishes, design elements, and precise size. Contact us, and our design professionals will handle the rest.